Friday, July 12, 2013

Julep Summertime Mystery Box Review

Julep offers mystery boxes quite often and normally I don't jump on them by I did this time.  They are offering three boxes; a day,  a night and a big box.
Summertime Mystery Box
I ordered the Summer Days box because I thought that would be more 'me'. While I don't love it I'm glad I ordered it because the 2 guarantee colors are awesome!
Summer Days Box Version 1
  I received:
- Payton (green)
- Gemma (a sheer pink)
- Monica (pink glitter)
- Kyla (orange glitter)
- Peony (pink lip vernis)
- toe separators

Payton is a repeat for me so this will be gifted! Anyone who wants it better contact me or I'll pick a lucky person! I like Gemma but can't wear it right now because Payton stained my nails. I LOVE Payton but next time I need a basecoat! Monica and Kyla are awesome! I actually did an ombre on my nails like they suggested and love it!

I also finally received one of their lip vernis. It smells awesome and I like it. The color is meh but used lightly it works. 

Also you can't go wrong with extra toe separators. Do they make these for kids? Cuz Kinsley totally needs a set!

Overall I am pleased with my box. I really love the glitters and think they are perfect for summer! I think they still have boxes for sale so hop on over and grab one here Julep Maven!

xo kati

* I was not paid for this review but if you use my link I get credit on my Julep account!


princessneethi said...

Great review, beautiful colors!! I'd love payton!

Unknown said...

If you still have the extra payton to giveway, I'm also interested! :)

Kati And Tyler said...

I've already sent it out but if I get another one I will keep you in mind!

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