Sunday, June 30, 2013

Julep Maven Review - July 2013

My July Julep Maven
This month I didn't love any of the polish choices so I went with Modern Beauty.  I love the Beach Tonic. It's a spray oil to moisturize after the shower and smells great! The Sea Salt Texture Spray is something I've always wanted to try, unfortunately for me it did not work well in my hair. I think my hair is too long and frizzy for it. I will pass this along to someone with better hair! The extra this month was green tea facial blotting papers. I will throw this in my purse for emergencies!

Size Comparison
I also added Tracy to my box. I love the sea salt polish so I was excited to give this a try! I love it. Much more sparkly than sea salt to me but it is a fun color!

Ignore my funky hands and focus on the color!
I am overall pleased this month. I also love that they ship so quickly and all my issues with them in the beginning seem to have passed. Can't wait for next month!

xo kati

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